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Wed, Jan 29, 2020 11:00 AM

Mysterious Comcast network hoarding on IPv6

Asked support to provision my SB8200 with a second IPv6 network.  As expected it was a waste of time. Got in touch with sales since there's nothing on my Philadelphia, Delaware county rate card for a second network. Should be around five dollars a month, was quoted sixty five. Anyone in the area have a Philly rate card with the second network option? Seems to be some serious shennanigans going on here beyond clueless support which is to be expected. It should be trivial to configure a second IPv6 network.





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1 y ago

FWIW, it is being phased out so you may not be able to get it anymore in your local area. YMMV.


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@byodphone wrote: ... a second IPv6 network ....

There's little hope that a rep would have understood what you were asking for. If available in your area, Comcast likely calls it an "Additional IP Address", not a "second IPv6 network".

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