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Tue, Jan 12, 2021 7:00 PM

Losing Connectivity

For the past few weeks I've suffered through the loss of connectivity to the internet. Within the last week it began to happen more frequently (6 to 7 times a day!) Trying to get a hold of an agent over the phone has been almost impossible, which prompted me to go to a Xfinity store today to see if I (they) could get to the bottom of what the issue was. Subsequently I was given a new modem this morning which seemed to fix the problem until about 20 minutes ago... I am about at my witts end. What can I do (beyond the obvious) to fix this issue?



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5 m ago

Does the gateway/modem loose connection or just your computer/devices to the gateway?

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5 m ago

Hi there, Ed1513. Thank you for posting! So sorry to hear about the connectivity complications you're running into. We know how frustrating that can get and we really want to help. It sounds like you might need a technician out, especially since the modem swap did not fix the problem. Would that be something you would like our assistance with scheduling?

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