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Sun, Jun 14, 2020 8:00 PM

I'm getting 30mbps download on all speedtest including Xfinity dedicated speedtest on Gigabit.

I haven't really had too many issues with my connections but recently due to these unprecedented times, my speed has dropped drastically to something that will not suffice. I've tried resetting the modem and have a rep do the same but my speed will not go above 30mbps. In addition, yes I'm using the proper model modem Model Name: XB7. I do have a 1000 Mbps ethernet card capable of handling the speeds. Before the pandemic, I was getting my speeds without any issues. After checking the checklist I don't own a Cat 6 cable but I will be picking up one tomorrow. It's weird Comcast didn't give me cat 6 cable with the modem they gave me. 





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10 m ago

Yeha upgrade your Ethernet cables i am suing Cat 8 which is overkill but might as well invest to have them for a while don’t want to keep buying over and over. I would have Comcast run a diagnostic on your wires maybe something happened outside your home. My tech came out and said someone had split my line to give it to someone else. Once he fixed it, it worked great. Also maybe upgrading your coax cables? I bought my own as well to get better speeds.

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