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Fri, Dec 13, 2019 1:00 PM

Gig speed internet speeds only half?

I have been a Comcast internet customer for years. As long as I’ve lived in Florida I’ve had Comcast, happily I might add.

We used to be paying for 200mbps internet but it ALWAYS tested 250+ sometimes even into the 300’s which was awesome and my upload was around 10mbps.

I recently found out that my service area had gig speed internet which I was unaware of before. My promotional pricing ended and I was able to get into the gig speed for only about $10 a month more so I figured absolutely! why not.

I am an avid gamer, streamer and uploader, the wife and I watch mostly Netflix and Hulu.

The tech came out, installed new wires and lines and upgraded my equipment giving us there new modem. He left before we even tested the internet, luckily it worked.

We did not see much of an increase in speeds at first but I wanted to give it time for everything to run and update properly. I have it about 2 weeks and was testing the internet. I was getting 450mbps download and about 30 upload. As a customer paying for an advertised product of gig speed this is unacceptable.

I bought a Netgear cm1000 router and cat7 cables. This increased my speeds but only by a little. I went up to about 550mbps download and 40-45mbps upload.

It’s been about a month with no change, I called a few times and they “sent signals” I restarted the modem and router and unplugged everything with no effect. They sent out the “lead tech” who was a very nice man and seemed a lot more competent then the last few.

He showed up and found an issue in the line and the signals where inconsistent, dropping and spiking. He did some work, ran new lines etc.

We are now testing around 650mbps download and still around 45mbps upload. A improvement and a great internet speed but NOT what I signed up for or what I’m paying for.

The tech told us that we should expect 450-650mbps download and THATS it. I have friends with Comcast that are in the 900’s as well as other providers getting 900+ upload and download. I know I will not get true gig speeds, I know I definitely will not get this over wireless. I stayed with Comcast because of the good luck I’ve always had with them but obviously that’s run out.

600 on wireless is fine but not even breaking above 750 with the modem I have, wired with brand new cat7 cables when I see so many others over 900 on just doesn’t seem right.

Don’t tell me it’s GIG speed and tell me I’m lucky if I even get half, how is Comcast getting away with this?

I’m going to give it till January and try again, I’m simply to busy to make apps and talk to people for the next month or so. If this doesn’t get sorted out or they can’t tell me anything other then 650mbps is all you get I will be leaving Comcast and going somewhere I won’t be jerked around.

Has anyone experienced this, how did you resolve it? Did you even resolve it or accept the barely over half speed your paying for?

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