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Sun, Dec 13, 2020 6:00 AM

Gateway drops wifi signal when bands are split

Five days ago everything was working just fine, and my neighborhood had a TV outage that lasted the better part of the day. When the outage was restored, I began having problems with my gateway. The internet would drop constantly, both bands, and even the computer hard wired wouldn't work. Comcast sent a tech, he checked my lines and said my signal was good coming into the house, so he replaced the gateway and it was doing the same thing. So he said he would have to make a maintenance ticket because the problem was outside the house. The next morning I got a message from Comcast saying maintenance was complete and everything was fixed. Except it wasn't. I called back, they sent another tech out and after 3 hours he replaced the gateway again. (He said on the "back end" they are telling him everything is fine, but he can see that it is not) When he installed this gateway, it only asked for one band to be named. When the tech was leaving, he said they would have to send an advanced tech because I also have xfinity home. A little after he left, I realized that half of my devices would only connect to a 2.4ghz band, things like my thermostat, my lights, my captel phone, two vacuum cleaners, two tablets, etc. So I went in the gateway settings and split the bands like they were before. Then the mess started happening all over again. Signals on both bands and the hard wire would drop, everything was connecting with no internet, nothing worked. When my gateway is on just the 5ghz band, and I test the speed, my phone (without mobile data) will get a download speed of 14.81 and a 23 ms ping. The tablets look about the same, but the hardwired computer gets a 944. with a 28ms ping. I don't know what has happened, as they are telling me that nothing seems to be wrong on the back end and this is the 3rd gateway. I know Comcast is discouraging split bands but they have to understand some devices still require them. Anyone have any ideas for a solution?


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