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Tue, Jul 20, 2021 9:55 PM

Comcast keeps dropping

I have an issue with my comcast dropping all the time.  The issue is if you take a volt meter and you test on the inside of the coax cable from the house with everything plugged in I have a reading of 48 volts.  The minute I unplug my comcast equipment it goes to 0.

I have had an electrician out and they went through all the grounding outside and inside as well as checking all the plugs and also checking all my lines coming in to the house and all the lines in the house.  NO issue at all.  Everything checked out.

Comcast has been out twice and keeps saying it is an electrical issue within my home.  I know for a fact it isn't as the electrician was here for 5 hours and did an absolute complete job of chasing down everything and anything that could have been causing a feed back through my coax running from my cable box and x1 box to the outside connection.  I also had the electrical company come out and make sure it wasn't an issue with the main line coming in and a grounding issue.

I have replaced both the cable box and the x1 and they are brand new.

What are potential problems causing this voltage to to a neutral feedback and I believe it is now a comcast issue. 

I am also curious as from the outside at the pole for comcast running to my house there is a 4 way drop with a line to 4 different houses.  I was told by the comcast supervisor that was here that I was the last leg on the line.  I am curious if that would be the issue with the 4 way on the line with comcast.

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.  I already paid an electrician 400 for 5 hours of work thoroughly going through the electrical in my house and they found absolutely no issues.




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2 m ago

To add to this I also wanted to make sure to specify that I had DTE Energy come out and check the main line and the grounding on their end to make sure there was not a grounding issue.  The Electrician also did the same thing as well and also checked all the grounding inside and checked and removed all my outlets to make sure there was no crossed wires or disconnected wires.  

I should add this problem started about 45 days ago and comcast changed my lines from the pole drop as a squirrel chewed on the wire which started all the issues.  Since that time I have had nothing but internet issue drops and cable drops.  Nothing in the house has been done.  NO outlets, no electrical work, no new appliances our any equipment hooked up.  The problem keeps persisting since the initial change of the comcast drop line to my house.

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Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to us and detail what has been happening with the readings you are getting throughout your home. It sounds like this started when there was some repair work at the poles and you have tried several avenues of support through other companies such as power and an electrician. We would be happy to look into this further with you to be sure that you have everything looked at. Again, we appreicate you are bringing this to our attention so we can address it with you.


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