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Sat, Mar 7, 2020 9:00 AM

bought and activated new modem. Getting error: NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

I bought and activated a new modem (Arris SB6190) a few days ago.  Ever since, I will occassionally get blocked from certain webpages due to because "connection is not private".  Also I use a VPN for work and it sometimes fails to connect due to a "security" issue.


see the screen shot below for what I'm talking about.  (EDIT: don't know why the image won't load, so go here:


If I click Advanced -> proceed anyway, I get redirected to the Xfinity device activation page.  It is as if Xfinity temporarily fails to recognize my modem and intercepts my internet traffic.  After I re-activate my device, the original website will successfully load, but then the problem will reemerge a few hours later.  I've probably gone through this process 10 times by now.  I've also tried rebooting my modem several times by now.  And I still get this problem several times a day.  Also, if I do nothing and don't try reactivating the device, usually the problem will eventually go away on its own.  Only to recur later in the day.







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Try calling 1-800-comcast and ask a rep to completely remove the modem from your account and to "re-provision" it from scratch. Also ask them to confirm that the provisioning and account data in their database is correct and complete. 

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