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Thu, Dec 24, 2020 5:00 PM

Arris SB8200 1 Gigabyte Connection at 12.9 Mbps

I have repeatedly sent  refresh signals to my modem and  nothing works. I called and Xfinity support said it’s my modem. I called Arris and they said it’s Xfinity and they are throttling my connection.


I did a speed test, as normal and appalled. 12.9Mbps


Connect to a VPN and guess what… 300 Mbps.


Disconnect and 773 Kbps


This is fraud, pure plain and simple! 



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6 m ago

I had the same issue I tried both netgear and arris, same situation but arris ad netgear both told me it's noise on the line or some issue they aren't aware of as they'd gotten several called (netgear) in the past 8 hours on the 24th. They should send techs to look outside. It's terrible to be without a good connection to talk to family during the pandemic on zoom. they ruined my Christmas.  When they do send a tech because of covid I'm not letting some stranger in my  house to sit in my chair, put his fingers on my mouse and keyboard and 4 years ago when I did the guy had the reset on my motherboard by accident when trying to switch the ethernet and I had to send it in for repairs.

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