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Tue, Oct 5, 2021 2:15 AM

Xfinity Streaming App on IOS is missing channels from my lineup.

Why is the Xfinity Streaming App for IOS not showing my entire channel lineup? It is missing 80% of my subscribed channels. The majority that do show are all music channels. 

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the App and it did not correct the problem. 




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12 d ago

Mine is the same way. Only available channels are TV on the go channels.


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3 d ago

Yes me too. Here's what I know...

Now I'm not sure if it's just a BIG coincidence... but this problem arose immediately after I activated a replacement TV box. I had successfully activated a new X1 TV box that Xfinity had informed me was available... implying I should order it. So I did and it's good. The TV channels are fine... as are the channels in browser when I use a url to access my xfinity stations there (on Mac, Chrome...  not Safari {but that's a whole nuther problem I won't go into here}). But in my xfinity Stream apps (on iPhone & iPad) all but about 15 channels are missing from the channel list. And the stations that do show are mostly TV GO weird "Stingray" music stations and Skynews. And my favorites list is empty (tho I think that has more to do with the main list being wrong... since, if I make one of the few channels it does show a favorite, it does show up in favs... and history for that matter). I can actually get to my channels one at a time by using the Search icon and typing in the name of the station (for example, typing "NBC" will show "NBC Collection" then I select my particular local NBC channel). Additionally, any recently played channel that is not in the limited channel list will not show up in a "recently played" channel list.

I spent some frustrating decades on phone support with xfinity support with agents that had an Antarctican accent... but on my third attempt, I got an agent who smartly informed me this issue was "trending" (really?... "trending"?) in their system. So she said it was a known issue in their support system. Which felt a bit better to know.

Last night I briefly saw the correct lineup appear on my iPhone... (really, I didn't dream it!) and then it was gone. Still, now, 12 hrs later both devices still have messed up channel lists. I tried resetting the TV box, the modem and deleting and reinstalling all apps. No difference.

OK that's all I know.



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Hi, @binkybink, @djt, @victrolux! Thanks for contacting XFINITY over our forums page for help with the channel line up concern on XFINITY stream. I am sorry to learn about this experience with the channels missing. I know how important it is to have the channels that you pay for as I use the XFINITY stream to watch my shows all the time. We can help by doing some additional troubleshooting steps on our end. To further assist, please send us a direct message with your first/last name and full address so we can ensure we are working on the correct account. You can start by clicking the chat icon located in the top right corner of your forums page when signed in. Once there, you can search for "Xfinity Support" to compose your direct message.

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