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Sun, Dec 20, 2020 12:00 PM

“Unknown Server Error” message when attempting to pay bill through Xfinity My Accoup app

For the last two months, when I go to finalize/submit the payment, using the app, instead of a confirmation page red text appear along the top that reads “unknown server error.”

When I check my debit card transactions, I see that the money is taken and the payment went through though. As well as when I return to the overview tab of the app it shows as the bill is paid.

It’s just confusing and obnoxious, because last month (the first time it happened) I just hit the finalize/submit button a second time and the same message popped up. I ended up, inadvertently, paying more than the bill. I did receive a credit, which was fine, I just wished I had seen a confirmation page after the first time I finalized/submitted the payment.


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