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Sun, Jul 3, 2022 3:03 PM

My Account (when accessing from laptop or MyAccount app) problems


My Account (when accessing from laptop or MyAccount app) shows that I need to activate services even though I activated my services two weeks ago

Everything has been working fine - equipment, internet and wifi - since I activated it two weeks ago. But for some reason MyAccount App still shows that I need to activate my services. 

I tried re-installing the app and clearing cookies and cache in the browser. It did not help. Had multiple calls with customer service and it has not been resolved yet.

The equipment and internet are working fine. It just seems that the app and my account do not present the correct information or are not in sync. 

MyAccount App shows the following: 

Xfinity App shows the following:
My account when logging in from laptext-align: left;">

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are glad you found us, and are able to contribute to our amazing community. We will help find a solution for you. I have a few questions to see if we can get this buttoned down. We may need to check your order, equipment, and also focus on your online account. It sounds like you spoke with someone, who confirmed the equipment is activated? It can take a  few days for the My Account to refresh, but I would suggest logging out, changing your password, and then logging back in. Let me know if that worked. If not, send me a Direct Message, so I can gain full access to your account, to ensure you are all set up. 


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