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Wed, Aug 12, 2020 8:00 AM

Xfinity Mobile account

Yesterday I received a strange email from Xfinity saying my account could not be verified and I needed to update my creditials.  I clicked the link and watched the different web addresses (which none said xifinity or comcast on them) before I got a page that mirrored the xfinity log in.  I didn't do it obviously.

However, I used the xfinity connect app on my phone and computer and was able to log into my main accounts.  I can't however, log into my Xfinity Mobile account.  I've tried through my mac, through my work PC, my iphone, my ipad, etc.  I've deleted and reinstalled the app and even changed my password.  Nothing!!  I was on the phone (hold) for an hour and a half before someone picked up.  I was on with an agent for another 40 mins and nothing was resolved.  I was transferred to the billing department who put me on hold for another 30 mins before I finally hung up.

Today, I tried again.  I can access all of my account EXCEPT for my Xfinity Mobile Account.  Is anyone else having issues with this or is it just me??  I did update my phone to the latest iOS, but considering I can't access it from any device, I doubt seriously that's the issue.




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