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Tue, Oct 27, 2020 5:00 PM


I had made a payment arrangement to pay my past due, I tried to make a payment but their system was down, the next day I was assured by 2 different representatives that my repayment plan would still be active if I paid first thing this morning. I did. 3 hours later they canceled my repayment plan saying I never made the payment.

I have now been on the phone for over 5 hours, been hung up on 3 times after waiting over 50 minutes on each call, been transfered to the wrong department 2 times and still no resolution to this problem Xfinitg created for me. The customer service has been rude, dishonest, unprofessional and honestly Xfinity Mobile should be shut down and everyone should be refunded for what they spend on this Scam by Comcast.


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