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Tue, Dec 1, 2020 10:00 PM

Why Xfinity

I'm having so many problems with Xfinity mobile current problem when I try to purchase a phone it's not allowing me to put it in the cart it says sorry for the technical difficulties I currently have two devices with Xfinity Mobile that are paid off and have paid off phones in the past trying to spend close to $2,800 to new upgrades but the computer is telling me sorry for the technical difficulties when I try too add them to the cart I just want you two months of not being able to log into my account ticket after ticket no solution no email no nothing why Xfinity? I've talked to store people chat people and people on the phone the all say same thing they're opening a ticket out on it and they keep going to a higher tier👌 February solution that problem just mysteriously just started working and I was able to log into my account two months after the fact right now I just want to be able to upgrade before the promotion is over Wait promotion isn't for me I'm a loyal customer 🤣 and having for 5 years paid off 4 devices while on the $4,000 and I'm trying to spend another $2800 computer is telling the human technical difficulties!


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