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Tue, Nov 17, 2020 10:00 AM

Need to cancel a line that is no longer needed

I have a line that I am no longer using, and have just realized that while it is "free" I am still being charged the usual taxes/fees/surcharges on that line. Can someone contact me who can take care of canceling a single line for me? I'm a bit worried that if I call the main number as soon as I utter the word "cancel" all of my Xfinity services will suddenly stop working (OK, that was somewhat tongue-in-cheek).


Why do I have an "extra" line? Because I got that line as a test, intending to later port my home number to that line if the test went well.


The test went well, but I learned that Xfinity Mobile doesn't have a way to port a number on to an existing line. So I had to get a second line, indicating at the time of activation that I wanted to port in.


Thank you.


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