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Sat, Dec 26, 2020 10:00 AM

Lost my phone number

Went to an Xfinity store to upgrade my phone. They put the SIM card from my old phone into the new phone they had pulled from their safe and went into their computer to register the phone. A code came up saying the new phone was stolen. They called their home office to see how to get that phone off my account, and said they could temporarily add it as another line (no charge, of course) until their tech support could jump through some hoops and remove it. Meanwhile, they got a second new phone from the safe and proceeded to transfer everything to it instead. They asked me to check it out to be sure everything was working. It was fine until I asked my husband to call me. Turns out that my old phone number, which I’ve had for years and absolutely don’t want to give up, is now linked to the phone that was stolen, so the computer locked that up, too. They got back with the home office and were told they’d kick it up to Tier 3, that I’d be issued a temporary number, and it should all be resolved within 72 hours. When it wasn’t, we went back to the store. They went into the computer and said the issue was marked “hold” which supposedly means they were waiting to hear from outside tech support. They said I should expect an email within 24-48 hours. I asked to verify my email, and the one they showed wasn’t even remotely similar to the one I had given 72 hours ago. Anyway, it’s now well past the additional 48 hours (we are on Day #8 at this writing) and have heard zip. I think we’ll be shopping for a new provider.


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