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Thu, Feb 4, 2021 8:00 PM

Have 3 lines, but now one line is calling me from a new name etc and it’s my number !



I have been with xfinty mobile for a couple years now


We have 3 lines / phone numbers all under the same account 


one is mine, second is husbands and third is another one we use for work/travel although the SIM card has broken in it and it has not been in use for a handful of months - BUT :

-we still pay for the phone line and the phone just like the other two lines 



-About a month ago or two I'm checking out bill, and I see that the "third phone line" which has no activity normally, has "made phone calls"


(again, the sim is broke in it and we have not used it ...)


Long story short, this third line, had called me, only it showed up not as the number it's assigned but from a completely different number but the times etc match up and I'm sure of it. It's happened 3 times now. 

also, when I search for "who owns this phone  number" our main 2 phone lines show up as Jane doe and John Doe but this third line which should show up as James Doe.. comes up with a different name ! 

---How is this phone making calls

-how is it calling me, with a different caller ID and why is it showing up as someone else's name ? 

This is mobile - 


What could be going on ? Ideas?


I am paying for the line and phone and xfinty can see it has not been used in over 3 months - besides these weird situations.


What do I not know here ?


When I do call the number back, I get a message for a mattress company or something 


I have since put it on a 2 week turn off period. 

if Xfinity is reading this, it's the phone on my account labeled "Alfie - 


I hope someone can help me as if this number has been reassigned and I've been paying for it- I would like some answers and credit 


I appreciate any input. 

thanks ! 


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