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Thursday, May 25th, 2023 2:52 AM


Xfinity Customer Care Update from Tom [Edited]


We're on a mission to respect our customers' time, simplify their experience, and make it right if we fall short. Because we should fit into their lives. Not the other way around.


sir my name is Ray [Edited: "Personal Information"] I'm a Marine Corps veteran it's May 24th at 7:15 p.m. 48 hours I've been sitting outside my building San Francisco waiting for FedEx to deliver my new phone two days ago I ordered it they sent it to day mail FedEx where I have to have a signature I don't have a phone so they can't buzz into the building Sulfur 8 hours I sat in front of my building no lunch and no breakfast calling FedEx calling you guys nothing nobody one person tried to help if I had a [Edited: "Language"] nice right now I can switch someone's throat that's how [Edited: "Language"] I am I paid $216 for the phone and you know what the funny thing is I pay my bill on time in full every month I consider it this way you treat a mistress better than a wife because I'm basically your wife I paid the bills I pay everything if I was 


somebody else let's save someone from T-Mobile and I bring my number over I get a free phone existing customer and I paid for it that's insane then I told the people in the in the Dominican Republic [Edited: "Inflammatory"] the supervisor after the third time means explaining it that when I get the phone I want to send it back it's a $35 restocking fee nobody gives a [Edited: "Language"] no more man nobody cares your Millions I can't wait till I'm six feet under because this country's going to get overrun you don't give a [Edited: "Language"] about nobody man and if you do then help me my name is Raymond [Edited: "Personal Information"] father was an ironworker in New York City on some Bergen County New Jersey I had an office at down the street from bookbinder's in your city many years ago my backup phone number from the VA is [Edited: "Personal Information"] I got nowhere to turn no one wants to pick up the phone no more no one no one wants to work and everybody's chewing bubble gum on the phone you know what I mean I'm not professional not getting paid for this I don't work for you I don't work for anybody what's unprofessional is that now there's a delay in the delivery you think someone would tell me and I don't want to hear oh well we sent it out the Federal Express I don't care I got the agreement with you guys 8 hours go sit in front of your house for 8 hours and don't eat and just sit there I am a [Edited: "Language"] idiot I'm not editing this because I'm in pain or Manning going to tell you about my back surgery and me sitting outside with a weight belt on you think I'm [Edited: "Language"]

Putting the Customer at the Center of Everything We Do We are committed to respecting our customers’ time, simplifying their experience, and making things right if we fall short.

that's my story I don't go to Yelp guy

raymond [Edited: "Personal Information"]

Respectfully Submitted,

Raymond [Edited: "Personal Information"]

Raymond [Edited: "Personal Information"]

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran 

P: [Edited: "Personal Information"]

DOCUMENTARY: "The Few The Proud The Poisoned"  [Edited]

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