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Wed, Dec 23, 2020 4:00 PM

Did not get 250$ promotion monthly credits

I purchased a phone in Dec 2019, ported the number to xfinity within 30 days, so was hoping to get monthly bill credits each bill, didn’t receive in first couple of months so reached out to xfinity store they said they cannot do anything from store , so called xfinity mobile customer service, they kept on investigating, tired I disconnected, went to xfinity store again, they said please visit to store where you bought your phone, went there, they again directed me to customer service, I went to local store again and finally found a manager who said she would raise a ticket for promotions to be applied and someone would contact you, nobody called me for couple of months, when I followed up in store they said they could not find any ticket and asked me to connect to xfinity mobile again, After so many months of follow ups I was able to reach their Advance Team, they said they would apply credits to my account, but I cannot use this credits to pay my device payments, so 14 months of bills I paid without credits (so around 140$ extra), now I am traveling back to home country and if I want to unlock my phone, I will have to pay my balance device payment of 312$, ( I cannot use 250$ credit they applied and they are not willing to apply 140$ credit which should have been applied as per original bill plans)
Their automated message says number one in customer satisfaction . My experience is really opposite of what they claim. Their customer service is the worst I have faced in so many years in this country.


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