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Sat, Oct 3, 2020 7:00 AM

Can't activate visual voicemail


Screenshot_20201003-104842.png  Screenshot_20201003-130838.png


New Pixel 4 XL.

Ported my phone number from Verizon.

Updated to latest android 11.

Installed no apps.  Stock android 11.



The old primitive dial-menu *86 voicemail does work.

BUT the Phone app Visual Voicemail does not work.


Phone app vomits this message:  "Can't activate visual voicemail"

Toggled it off-on in Phone setttings > voicemail.   Perpetually says "Activating voicemail" there.

Tried Xfinity Mobile Voicemail app from google Playstore.

It says it's not compatible with this phone.

Wasted hours with inattentive Xfinitymobile tech support Chat.  Accomplished nothing.

Uninstalled and reinstalled Phone app updates.  (no option to uninstall phone app).  No change.

Status bar Notification History shows lots of "Syncing voicemail data" entries.

(There are mysterious "My Verizon Services" notifications in Notification History too.)



How do I get this Phone app Visual Voicemail to activate?




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7 m ago

at least you got to that part. when i download the app it says it was removed and i should use the preinstalled app and delete the xfinity app


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6 m ago


I'm Android 10, original edition Pixel XL. I wonder if XL is the problem. 

All the same behavior as yours that I recall, although annoyingly your original message is no longer on the screen while I'm typing this.


One weird thing I got was going into the phone app settings and turning off visual voicemail. Thought maybe the incompatibility with visual voicemail was the holdup. But then the voicemail icon and the bottom right of the phone app disappeared. 


Yes, when turning on visual voicemail in the setup, it says "activating voicemail", and under it, *grayed out so I can't activate it*, it says

Set Pin

Visual voicemail is not activated yet, please try again later.


I suspect that has *never* given me an option to set the pin. In the options below,

I set "skip pin"  on, then off.

I reset my password. 


I tried going through the options to select a greeting. Maybe it needed that set up. But that changed nothing.


Voice Mail Options

1- listen

2 - send

4 - change your personal options

    2 - admin options  

          1 - establish or change general options

              1, password 3 prompt level 4 message detail 5 skip pin option 6 autoplay 8 mailbox language 9 telephone answering languages

    3 - greetings 

        1 personal greeting

            1 standard with number

            2 standard with name

            3 record personal greeting

2 extended absence

3 recorded name

5 record alternate greeting

6 establish or change greeting schedules


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6 m ago

According to other posts on visual voicemail, for Android phones 2019 and newer you must use the built in voicemail app and uninstall the XM app. I found this true with my wifes new phone, the built in app works fine but with no transcription. XM says it's Android keeping you from using XM's voicemail app. Try using the android app, it may not be what you want, but it is what you get. Oh BTW, mobile data has to be on for the android visual VM to work, will not work on wifi. This was for an LG phone so not sure if it's true for all android phones.

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5 m ago

Hi there, did you ever find a solution? I just moved from Verizon and am having the same problem with no solution from xfinity. 😕

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5 m ago


I found a solution from someone else who solved it in the forum.
You can't do it yourself. Only they can fix it.

Comcast has to change a setting for your visual voicemail on their end, to set it to a more basic voicemail type.
Once they did that, voicemail started working fine for me. I think I had to get to level two support to get someone who could do that.

It's infuriating that when they on board you they don't check your phone for compatibility with their service.

Instead, each one of their customers with an incompatible phone has to go through the same missed messages and failed customer support until we find the answer in a forum ourselves.

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