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Thu, Jan 26, 2017 6:00 PM

xfinity home app - HP Tablet - inactive message after 5 minutes

I bring up my camera with the app on my tablet. After 5 minutes, I receive an error that states "Session Timeout -The services on this app will be paused in 30 seconds due to user inactivity."


After the most recent updates to the tablet that was supplied, I am no longer able to watch my tablet to stream my outdoor camera, 24x7. I was informed that I would be able to watch the camera 24x7 on any computer or tablet, but if I am being automatically logged out every 5 minutes, then what can I do? Is there no way to watch my outdoor camera 24x7 on any device? 


I spoke to Support 2 weeks ago who sent a technition out to my house, who then said that he could not help and that there was no way to do what I wanted to do, unless I used the App. So much for that advice. Is it the App, the tablet, or is this option just not an option anymore. After these changes, I am pretty much packing it in with this service, unless this can be resolved.




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