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Sat, Jul 22, 2017 4:00 PM

On 6/30/17 I lost ability to view camera feed on iPhone 6 Plus after confirmed App update

I was able to have a list of feeds as well as saved events and able to view, rewind, fast forward, pause and save prior to June 30, 2017. Now I can only set automation which only record for when I set the chosen command and even with that it does not record all areas. After researching I see the app had an update on 6/29/17 which allows Xfinity Home customers to be able to view motion events while watching live video in landscape mode. Now my cell won't do any of the viewing it was able to do prior to the update. When I go in to troubleshoot I get error box stating "Only one camera can record at a time" but I'm paying for 4 cameras and it shows my cameras recording but it is not recording at all. Xfinity Techs have come to my home and verified this, they can not figure what happened all of a sudden or why. This last Tech spent a lot of time troubleshooting and calling in. He did a great job and finally the iPad worked and other cell phone in the household. One tv still would not connect to cameras but when he changed the DVR to a new one the tv showed the cameras but not the continuous feed, only the saved events and only for that day. Today which is the next day the tv does not show the previous day events at all, It only hold the events from this day. I feel it is a software issue but no one knows how to fix it and they said this is a first that they have heard of this issue and the Tech prior to this Tech went all the way up to Tier 3 who said on their end all looked normal but on our end the cameras were not working, so what am I to do with 5 cameras I just had installed in the last 3 months and 4 I pay Xfinity to record and you can imagine the cost of all this and to have the very same people I am paying all this money to have an app that was updated that stopped my cell from doing what I'm paying the service to do. I'm not sure of how this should be handled but , XFINITY it is your app and I feel it is a good idea for you to partner with Apple team to figure this out. I have been able to see camera fed until 6/30/2017 at least that's when I noticed the issue. Instead of a feed showing, it is now a white area under the words "Motion Events" and in that white area it states No Events and is highlighted in blue "Refresh" and this does not work either.  I need to be able to view all my cameras I paid for and also paying to have recording daily especially if someone comes to my front door, if I receive a package at door,  and no#1 If someone BReAKs In MY HOUse!!!! Pleas fix this. I'm paying Xfinity too much money and they have been to my home several times since April 2017  and. It even a full 3 months I have paid over $1100 in Xfinity bills in that short time not to get the service I'm paying for. It has been sensor issues, motion issues, WiFi issues, tv freezing issues, camera freezing-errors- no events and cable issues. I never ever bargained for this at all. Although I do feel that xfinity is trying to assist when will it end though. I just want to enjoy my service hassle free and without all these service calls. Most important I need this issue resolved so I can know what is going on with my home when I'm away as well as knowing what is going on at all time even when I  am in my home.

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Hello Candygirl2017, I can assist you with getting connected to your cameras using your IPhone. Can you please send me a private message with your full address and account number by clicking my name (ComcastAmir) and then clicking "private message me"? 

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