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Tue, Jan 12, 2016 9:00 AM

Constant Problems ...

More problems with system that Comcast can't seem to resolve!  I must be a glutton for punishment since I keep them around! 


I am frequently out of town and the biggest reason I have a security system to start with. A security system that doesn't work or needs to be constantly reset is useless!  Calls to support are useless, there is ONE person in the Colorado office that is the only customer service rep that can help ... we have her personal extension things are so bad!  Spending hundreds of dollars a month and not be able to access our security system from phone app or computer portal?????  I think it's time Comcast resolves the fact that they should not be in the security business ... I have a second home and have had NO ISSUES in three years (knock on wood).  I wish they were available in PA were I have multiple issues every single week. 


Also, maybe this won't get burried like it does in the app reviews ... It appears that Comcast posts their own "reviews" on system.  You can't tell me there are people that rate the system a 5 star with zero issues.  I've had all of the local supervisors in my home replacing parts and setting it up, if it was not a crappy system it certainly should work.  When I return to my residence I will be looking real hard (top of my list things to get done) to replace all my Comcast services.  I'd hate to place a dish on my house but after 5 years of worse possible service and 5 years of being patient I am done!


Might I suggest that anybody considering Xfinity Home or anybody within the cancelation time frame or anybody like myself that has endured the poor service to move along ... any security system would be better then this!


Rant over ... good luck to anybody that chooses to stay on

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