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Tue, Nov 17, 2020 12:00 PM

Xfinity Connect App not opening email

in the past week or so ... I am unable to open many emails...just spins and spins and never opens.. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app.... still the same.... It happened off and on in the past but now is very persistent... It doesn't matter if I am in home network, mobile, hotspot, other wifi.. same thing. and is not synching with my laptop.. I had 500 unread emails when I logged into my laptop!  I've seen lots of issues with this. and appears they've fallen on deaf ears..I now have all my email forwarded to GMAIL... which never fails me!

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6 m ago

Same issues.  Seems much worse today.  And each time I think I've figured out how to get it working normal again, I go to a different device, and deleted emails are still there.  Refresh doesn't work, as you said, it just spins. I've tried clearing cache, logging off and on.  It's so bad today, I've given up, and am using a plain email app that came with my android, which is set up with my Comcast email.  For months too, I've been dealing with huge amounts of spam, even though the filter is on, and also, every day, legitimate email gets put in my spam folder.  Frustrating!

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