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Mon, Apr 26, 2021 1:28 PM

Time to leave Xfinity

Retiring the Xfinity app and resorting to a browser just to check email is a "minor" inconvenience. However, multiplying that many times each day adds up.  As if the exorbitant monthly cost weren't enough, this may be the little straw that breaks the camels back.  Hey Xfinity, you're not the only  show in town these days!  Time to start shopping and get out from under

this behemoth.



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3 m ago

There are other mobile email apps that can be used to access Comcast email.

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3 m ago


Hi there! I'd be glad to ensure that this gets looked into further. Please send a private message with your name, the complete service address (including city, state, ZIP, suite number, etc), and the phone or account number, and any pertinent details-- like the ticket number(s)-- so we can help. You can do this by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of their screen and send a message to the shared handle "Xfinity Support"

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