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Tue, Apr 20, 2021 7:54 PM


OK... my observations on day one of NOT having a working Connect App...

While I can go through the cumbersome and slow internet portal to get to my email I can NOT file any nor can I delete any without first opening them and I must do this ONE at a time!  Also, I do NOT get any notifications that  I even HAVE any email.

I tried to use my resident email app that came with my phone to access my Comcast.net email but it will NOT recognize the account!!!

And of course, there is the additional issue that I can no longer monitor my home phone number.  

[Edited: "Language"] Xfinity???   All these problems... and you have the AUDACITY to advertise how you want to help keep people "connected"  This is [Edited: "Language"] of the utmost degree.  There is now no longer ANY competitive advantage to use your product and I will be investigating competitors - unless this issue is corrected!!!


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3 m ago

Hello, @, thank you for taking the time to reach out in our forum and giving me a chance to help with your email concerns. I live out of my inbox and use my email app daily, so I totally get why you need to access those emails. When you access your 3rd party email app, can you please check the following: settings>security>click enable 3rd party access? 




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I agree with the original poster. Give us a functioning email app please!!! I'm not going to bother to set up a third party app. I've been accessing email through the lousy web portal. But as I detailed in another post--it doesn't work for editing drafts of emails!!!



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Adding a shortcut to home page of the web email portal sucks. No way to use "share" function when viewing an item. Web portal shortcut is NOT and option in the list. For $200 / month [Edited: "Language"] . 


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