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Sat, Oct 26, 2019 7:00 AM

search field disappeared in my email (xfinity connect app) on my phone

The search field in my comcast email app on my phone disappeared a few days ago and I can't figure out how to restore it.  I've followed links in this forum but they do not solve my problem.  For example, I followed a link posted by BruceW, which had me look for the "hide folders" button. However, that button is not visible anywhere on my screen.  Regardless, it seems the solution BruceW proposed, which appears to have worked for some users, is saying that when folders are hidden, so is the search field, which means folders must be NOT hidden.  I am viewing my folders; they are not hidden or collapsed.  But there is no search field. 


And there are other odd things about how my email is being displayed now:   


* Where my name appears above the words, "sign out," the words "sign out" are cut off at the bottom and there are other markings superimposed in the name/sign-out box.


*When I select Settings at the top of my email screen, the options I'm familiar with (Settings, Help About, Email Usage, Close) appear in a white box, but they don't fit properly and extend beyond the bottom of the white box.  Also, the white box itself seems to have a superimposed set of horitzontal grey lines in it, which makes it hard to read the options available.


How can I restore the search field and display my email correctly?

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2 y ago

@mlizah wrote: The search field in my comcast email app on my phone disappeared ...

It sounds like you are using a web browser on a mobile device. The XC web page has a Search field, but the app does not - it has a Search "magnifying glass" icon instead, at least, that's what it has on my Android phone.


"Hide Folders" / "Show Folders" appears in the web page when viewed with a desktop or a laptop, but may not appear on a phone or tablet. On my Android phone, I have to select Chrome's "Desktop Site" option to see them, but that makes the items on the screen unusably small.


... the words "sign out" are cut off at the bottom ... Settings ... appear in a white box, but they don't fit properly ...

Try using the Xfinity Connect email app instead of the web page. As far as correcting deficiencies in the web page and app user interface elements, that's on Comcast. Don't hold your breath. is intended to explain some of this, but the description in the article is wildly different from what I see in the XC app on my phone.

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2 y ago

Thank you BruceW.  I've now downloaded the xfinity app and will begin using it to access my Comcast email instead of accessing it through a browser on my phone. I was happy to see the search option is available there (after clicking the magnifying glass).  And, all the layout issues I was having on the webpage look perfect on the app.  Problem solved.  

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