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Tue, Jul 27, 2021 4:29 PM

No more WiFi Hotspots in Los Angeles on Spectrum?

Back in May of this year, I was able to connect to CableWifi and SSIDs of Spectrum (Former TimeWarner Cable) as part of hotspot internet/WiFi features while traveling, particularly in California.

Today, it seems CableWiFi doesn’t connect, and in many areas, Spectrum changed SSIDs to SpectrumWiFi.  Furthermore, login page with options to login using to Comcast credentials is not shown as an option.  

I do have the Comcast WiFi Profile installed on my iPhone and iPad devices. 

Did Comcast remove this valuable feature that allows connection while traveling?  





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2 m ago

Spectrum is a competitor to Comcast.

Why don't you ask Spectrum?



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Great question.

First, Spectrum is NOT a competitor, instead they provide the same cable services in different territories.  

Each metro area has only one cable provider going back to the 1970s and Bill Daniels’ days when utility easements were put up for franchising. 

Secondly, it was Comcast was advertising access to Spectrum’s hotspots, and this was a feature that worked a few months ago.  Now it doesn’t.  Because I pay Comcast for services (and not Spectrum), I expect Comcast to continue to allow this type of “roaming” and negotiate those contracts (in good faith) to deliver the services advertised.  I signed a long term agreement when the value-added features met needs and influenced me to sign a contract. 


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