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Sun, Oct 25, 2020 3:00 PM

No longer able to answer land line calls via the app

About a week ago, I noticed that when my Xfinity land line rings, the app no longer notifies me that a call is coming in. In addition, when I do hear the phone ring, even when I open the app, I no longer have the option to grab the call from there. Why? What changed?


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6 m ago

I've also noticed this problem recently.  The app doesn't show any call history in the Dialer after Oct 2. 


I can make outgoing calls, but not answer incoming.


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5 m ago

I have had the same problem, at least with respect to not getting incoming call notifications (I rarely answer the calls from the app). It took a considerable investment of time (mostly on hold) with the Xfinity support line, but they found a setting on my account that, when they changed it, got my incoming call notifications working again. If you're still having this problem, maybe it's the same problem so give them a call when you have a little time to work with them.


Don't bother with the text support for this -- it's beyond their expertise.

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