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Tue, Apr 13, 2021 8:54 AM

Email notification via web browser

Since it looks like we are being told to use the web browser (https://connect.xfinity.com/appsuite/#) as one of the ways to access our emails once the Xfinity Connect is no longer.

When doing this, is there any way to get a notification when an email comes in?

For Android phone



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1 m ago

You'll have to use some email app on your phone that accesses your Comcast email account.  I'm using Outlook on my moto z4 phone.




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1 m ago

No there is no way to get notifications on email from a normal web browser.  Much slower, clunkier, and less secure than the app.  Sad that a huge company can't even support an app, while ever other major email service has an app for their email.

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1 m ago

I followed the comcast instructions to setup email on my android phone which were provided in the notice that the Xfinity connect app is being disconnected.  I cannot find a way to get email notifications using my chrome browser. Rylan commented that there is no way to do this and I agree.

What possible reason could Comcast have for dropping this very valuable and well written app which provides so much value to their customers?
Earlier this year they removed support for Norton Security Suite which was very valuable to the hundred thousand or more customers who are still using Windows 7, 8.  Comcast is rapidly reducing the value of their services to customers, and at the same time, raising their fees.

This is NOT a trend for success. I hope YOU'RE LISTENING COMCAST!


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25 d ago

I tried the Outlook app.

The only problem with them and others you can not adjust the time of fetching emails.

I think it defaults every 15 minutes (I think).

Not sure if it fetches as soon as an email hits Comcast mail servers or not.

Deaf ears.

They not enough people use the app.

Millions of dollars in their portfolio and they are worried by a drop in the bucket.

They probably make the cost of the app in an hours time.

Oh well.

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