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Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 5:34 PM


Do not retire connect

I use Connect multiple times a day. It keeps me organized without having to deal with a website on my smartphone. I pay over $200 per month for your service and you keep taking away products. First you took away Norton and now the email app. If your goal is get your customers to cancel your service you are reaching your goal. I don't know whose idea removing connect was but they should be fired. You are competing in a new landscape. Taking away benefits will not help you compete. I will be researching options to cut the cord. You have pushed me over the edge.

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Retiring Xfinity Connect app




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2 years ago

Comcast obviously doesn't care and are only interested in raising prices and making more money.  They apparently decided that having an app is not worth their time and expect users to use the clunky and slow browser interface, or try to set up the crappy phone email system.

Same here for looking to dump them, since they've raised my cable and internet price significantly and have no deals available for existing subscribers.


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2 years ago

If I see one more "Stay Connected" commercial I think I may vomit!!!  They are NOT even TRYING to help people stay connected!!!  They are doing the exact opposite by taking AWAY the very thing I use to connect constantly - all day long!

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2 years ago

Hello . Thank you for visiting and posting on our Forum. We appreciate your feedback about the sunset of the Xfinity Connect Mobile App. Please know that you will still be able to access your Comcast email, view and listen to your voicemail, and manage all your calling features and settings in the Xfinity Connect web portal (

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