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Thu, Apr 29, 2021 9:47 PM

Authentication error (password incorrect) using iOs mail client but same password works on web client.

With Xfinity recently dumping the connect app, I've been using the webmail to get my email. It's cumbersome on the iPhone so I tried to switch the the iOS mail app.

I followed the instructions here https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/iphone-configure-comcast-email to connect using the iOS mail client (iOS 14.5).  Every time I try to connect I get an authentication error "The user name or password for imap.comcast.net is incorrect". It's possible I entered the wrong PW once or twice but I have been trying this several times a day for about a week now. The same error always shows up.

When I use the https://connect.xfinity.com/ site on the phones web browser, it lets me connect without issue. So I'm not typing in my password wrong. It's the same one I have to log in to the web client or to set up the iOS mail. This works but it's cumbersome and I really don't want to keep using it.

I've rebooted the phone and made sure I didn't have an old Xfinity email in the phone ... I didn't. 

- Why can I connect through a web browser but not the iOS mail client?

- What's causing the authentication to fail?

- Any suggestions?



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