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Mon, Dec 14, 2020 8:00 AM

Xfi Advanced Security - IP Reputation

I’ve been receiving these messages since August for only one of my two laptops I use at home. I have the most up to date software and recently went on vacation and have both laptops turned off but, received the IP reputation threat alert 12/14 today which Xfi states it blocked 7 threats all of which are coming from Russia, China, and another country on the same laptop it’s been alerting on. But, for this instance to be alerting on a turned off Laptop would mean the Xfi Advanced Security is reporting False alerts to make it seem like it’s doing something.

I also have other high end security tools I use at my home to help protect my home environment and devices so I would think these Alerts are fake. I have no open ports or port forwarding happening in my environment.

I pay for 1gig speed and receive only 12Mbs to 16MBs speed most the time I’m on team, Webex meetings etc., I’m waiting for AT&T to finish laying down their network to change service sincne Cfinity is way to expensive for the fake service it provides.

I have a MBs recorder to provide a regular 24 hour report. My internet is rarely above 300MBs and that’s if I’m watching TV. When on my laptops it’s never above 100MBs.


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