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Sat, Nov 9, 2019 6:00 AM

I cannot reach particular sites with Comcast internet as of yesterday

 Among the sites that are not reachable: Chase, Wells Fargo, BofA, King Games, AT&T TV Now, Wikipedia, and account maintenace on xfinity.com (but oddly, not this forum).


There are many other blocked sites, such as all call center sites, some search results for call center sites, technical information sites. www.spotify.com is not blocked but the Spotify app cannot see the internet.


These sites are blocked on all my WiFi-connected devices, with all applications (e.g. king.com is blocked in browsers and also in their game apps). The sites are also blocked when I use an ethernet connection to the modem; it's not just WiFi.


I spent 5 hours on 4 calls with Xfinity tech support yesterday, was hung up on twice. One of them told me it was a faulty modem, exchange it, and I did, and the problem got worse. They refused to escalate to 2LTS. Instead, a technician is coming to my house today. I don't know why they think that will resolve anything.


On our phones, if we disconnect from WiFi, we can reach all those sites using our roaming data. But we cannot afford unlimited data (nor unlimited minutes; I'm going to pay for those calls to Cambodia or wherever Xfinity call centers are located).

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