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Wed, Apr 1, 2020 2:00 PM

Comcast Login Error - Fix This

So embarrassed for this company right now. Sharing this from a locked thread, because the tech support said for me to fix a problem on /their/ end, I need to send them a direct message and to do that I need to create a post and then, if you can believe it, they lock the post. Terrible service. So here is my post.

“ Re: Login Loop: When Is Comcast Going To Fix This?
Hello All,

In order to send a private message, you must first make your own public post, or comment on a public post. Since you all have made a public post, you should be able to send me or one of my peers a private message. We all have the same tools to assist you.

To send a private message, login, then click on my name "ComcastChe", and click send a message, which should be on the right side of the page "Envelope".

This thread will now be closed. If you're still having issues, create a new post asking for assistance and one of us will be able to assist you. ”


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