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Wed, May 19, 2021 12:48 PM

Pixilation Problems

I have had pixilation issues for about a year now.  I have had techs to the house, but it has never been resolved.  I was told at one point that a supervisor would be in touch with me and that they could have someone monitor the signal from the pole, but that has never occurred.  In addition to the pixelating,  I consistently drop my Wifi signal for a few seconds, just long enough to interrupt whatever I am streaming.  This is very frustrating.  Any suggestion to resolve these issues?



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2 m ago

Hi there @user_9b10dd, thank you for joining us here on the forums. We'd be delighted to assist. I do see you've sent us a peer-to-peer message, and I'll touch base with you shortly there regarding your specific account.


That said, these scenarios are generally caused by loose fittings, unnecessary splitters, or other signal issues at the premise or the tap. Since you've stated there are also issues with the WiFi dropping as well, this leads me to believe there is certainly some type of signal issue at the property or somewhere along the line.

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