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Mon, Oct 4, 2021 4:12 PM

Controlling future recordings and reminders

Is there are way to see all future recordings and reminders for shows that will not be shown in the next few weeks. I had a new show appear this season and it was set to be recorded since I set it last year. I have deleted the next 2 recordings but it will probably reappear in 3 weeks. How can I see all in one place to delete them?

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2 m ago

That's a great question! I've actually been dealing with this in my own home a lot, ever since the new fall season shows were being announced over the summer. You should have a "Scheduled" recordings list, but it only goes out about two weeks. It sounds like you were asking about shows that were not on that list, though. If you know the name of the show you want to delete, you can try searching for it to find the "Record Options" and manage it that way, but I'm not aware of a way to display all of your season or series recordings.

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