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ANSWERED: NPR One on Xfinity X1

Accessing NPR One on X1

The easiest way to listen to NPR One stations on your X1 TV Box is to say "NPR", "NPR One", "NPR App", "Launch NPR App" or "National Public Radio" using your Voice Remote. You can also directly access NPR One on X1 by browsing the X1 menus.

Log In to NPR One on X1

  • When you first launch NPR One on X1, you will be asked to create an account via a second screen device like your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the login process.
  • After you have successfully logged in, you will be able to see NPR One content within the NPR One app on X1.

Note: Only one NPR One account can be signed in per household. To sign in to a different NPR One account, you will need to log out of the NPR One app and log back in with a new account.

Search for Programs

From within the NPR One app on X1, you can browse for programs in the Explore tab or navigate to Search and use the onscreen keyboard to search for stations.

Change your Local Station

The NPR app will default to use the local station closest to your Comcast billing ZIP code. The types of recommendations you receive are partially based on your Local Station.

To change your Local Station, navigate to the Settings(gear icon) and select Change Stations. Use the onscreen keyboard to search for an NPR Local Station.

Log Out of NPR One on X1

You can log out of NPR One on X1 by navigating up to Settings and selecting Log Out. You can also press the Exit, Guide or xfinity buttons on your X1 remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stream NPR One on other X1 TV Boxes in my house?
You can listen to NPR One on any compatible X1 TV Box in your house.

Does it cost anything to use NPR One on X1?
Aside from Xfinity TV and Xfinity Internet service charges, there are no additional charges for accessing NPR One on X1. Please note that streaming the app on X1 counts towards your monthly Internet data usage.

Will streaming NPR One on X1 TV Boxes count towards my monthly Internet data usage?
Yes. NPR One on X1 is delivered over your Xfinity Internet service to your X1 TV Box and is therefore subject to the rules, terms and conditions that govern Xfinity Internet service, including any data usage plans that may apply.

How does the NPR One on X1 determine what my Local Station is?
NPR One on X1 chooses your Local Station based on the ZIP Code associated with your Comcast account.

Why can't I find my favorite program on NPR One on X1?
The NPR app on X1 includes all NPR programs that have compatible audio streams. Some content that is available on the NPR One mobile app or website may not be available on the X1 app. We are working with NPR to bring those programs to the X1 app in the future.

How do I learn more about NPR One features?
Please visit NPR One Help to learn more about NPR One app features.

Can I set parental controls for the NPR One app?
No. Because the NPR One app is categorized as news content, it does not have parental controls settings.

What accessibility features are available with NPR One on X1?
Since NPR One on X1 is a third-party application, your X1 accessibility user preferences will not be observed once you launch the NPR One on X1 app.

How fast of a broadband connection do I need to use NPR One on X1?
Xfinity Internet's slowest speed tier is sufficient to sign up for and use NPR One on X1.

If I relaunch the NPR One on X1 app, will it default back to the last program I was playing?
If you are logged in, yes it will.

Can I listen to a live NPR radio stream or program on X1?
The NPR One on X1 app, regardless of whether it is being accessed on X1 or another platform, is an On Demand listening experience only.


Unable to Log In

  1. Check that your credentials work on another device.
  2. If you are unable to log in after you believe you have entered the correct username and password, visitNPR One Helpfor instructions on how to recover your account.
  3. Once your account is recovered, you will be able to log in as normal.

Unable to View Content or Launch App

If you are unable to view content or launch NPR One on X1, please try the following:

  • Verify that you have Xfinity Internet service.
    • If you do not have Xfinity Internet service and attempt to launch the app, a message will appear to provide you with information on how you can subscribe to Xfinity Internet service.
    • If you do not see NPR One on the X1 Apps menu, verify that you have an eligible X1 TV Box.
    • If you have a compatible X1 TV Box and see NPR One on the X1 Apps menu, but cannot launch the app, please try to powercycle your X1 TV Box.
    • If you still cannot launch NPR One on X1,contact us so that we can confirm whether your device has connectivity and the latest software updates.

App or Content Freezes

  1. If NPR One on X1 is frozen on your screen, try exiting and relaunching the app.
  2. If NPR One on X1 is still frozen, trypowercycling your X1 TV Box.

Trouble Navigating the App

  1. If you are having problems navigating NPR One on X1, try exiting and relaunching the app.
  2. If you still are having problems with navigating content, try powercycling your X1 TV Box.

Stations Keep Buffering/Slow Load Time

  • As an Internet application, NPR One on X1 works just like NPR One on your computer's browser, which buffers any time there is a slow Internet connection.
  • If it does not correct itself in a few minutes, you can powercycle your modem.

Still Experiencing Problems with NPR One on X1?

If you still experience issues, please contact us.

You also have the option of visiting NPR One Help to learn more about NPR One app features, along with NPR One Customer Support.




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