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ANSWERED: How to get local Xfinity Channel Lineup and what are the “New Channels" 1000-1999

Find Your Channel Lineup

Visit My Channel Lineup and enter your Xfinity ID, email address or mobile phone number and password to browse your customized channel lineup.

Find your channel lineup using your address. Find which channel contracts we have that are set to expire.

You can also look at your channel lineup using the Xfinity My Account app on your mobile device (learn more about getting the Xfinity My Account app).



Same channels. New locations.

We're introducing a new way to interact with your current channel lineup that will make it easier to find your favorite channels and more content like it right next door.


When we make this change, all of your current channels from 1-999 will stay right where they are. Channels 1000-1899 will be organized by category, so networks with similar programming like news networks, sports networks, and kids networks will be grouped together into channel neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are designed to make browsing easier and to help you find more of the content you want to watch.


Take a look at your new channel neighborhoods below.Channel Neighborhoods.PNG



Frequently Asked Questions

Are you removing any of my channels?
No. None of your current channels are being removed from your lineup.


Will this new channel lineup affect my DVR recordings?
Your DVR recordings won’t be affected, so you won’t have to do a thing.


What do you mean my channels will be grouped together into channel neighborhoods?
For channels 1000 and above, networks with similar programming—like news networks, sports networks, and kid’s networks—will be grouped together into channel neighborhoods. These new channel neighborhoods are designed to make browsing easier and to help you find more of the content you want to watch.


Will any of the channels I have now be moving?
Your channels 1 – 999 will stay right where they are, and you can continue to watch this programming as you do today. If you currently have channels that are 1000 and above, they will be arranged into the new neighborhoods.


Will my favorites be affected?
If you have XFINITY X1 and you’ve set up your favorite channels in your channel guide, you won’t need to update them. If you don’t have X1, you’ll need to update your favorites.


Will this new channel lineup affect the parental controls I’ve set?
Your parental controls are still in place. If you have not set parental controls in the past, you may want to do so now that your channel guide will be expanding.


Will the Spanish-language channels move?
No, the Spanish-language channels currently in your guide from channels 1 – 999 will stay right where they are. Some Spanish-language sports and news networks will also reside in the new neighborhoods.


If I don’t have X1, how do I find channels in the new channel neighborhoods?
You can simply hit the search button on your remote and type in the name of the programming you’re seeking.


If I have XFINITY X1, will my Voice Remote take me to the channel neighborhoods?
When you use voice commands to change channels and search for shows and networks with your Voice Remote, you’ll be directed to the channel in your regular lineup (channels 1 – 999). Right now, if you want to tune to the channels in the channel neighborhoods (channels 1000 and above), you’ll have to say or enter the channel number.


Are all TV boxes compatible with the new channel lineup?
Yes, all of our boxes are compatible. If you subscribe to our services with Standard Definition (SD) only, you’ll receive all SD channels in your current package plus any of those SD networks in the channel neighborhoods. If you subscribe to our services in HD, you’ll receive your current lineup plus those HD channels in the channel neighborhoods.


What is a digital adapter?
If you have a digital adapter, it will look like this:
A plastic box with two beveled edges, grates, and a laminated plastic strip on the front
You will receive SD or HD + the news neighborhood depending on your package.


What if I don’t want these extra channels?
They’re a part of your current TV package, so you won’t be charged more for the new lineup. There are no new channels, and your channels from 1 – 999 aren’t moving. Your channels above 1000 will be organized into the new channel neighborhoods.


How can I get a printed copy of my new channel lineup?
After your new lineup is in effect, you can view your channels at and print a copy. If you are unable to print a copy online, you can contact us at 1-800-XFINITY to request a copy to be mailed to you.




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