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Mon, Sep 21, 2020 3:00 PM

Can you people stop making it where I have to restart my my password every single time i log in.

This is getting unbelievably old, every single day, without fail. it makes me set a new password. 



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8 m ago

Hi @mookie1590,


Please read the stickied forum post where we've answered your concern: 


I'm being repeatedly listed as compromised and I'm prompted to reset my password

There is a possibility that the credentials or your device may in fact be compromised (and re-compromised), there are a variety of root causes associated with similar symptoms. We do highly recommend you have a strong password, enable Two-step verification, update your OS, determine if you've been part of a data breach. There's a great guide here and here by HowToGeek around this for those who aren't as familiar with how to secure your computer, and a very advanced guide on how to remove any viruses/trojans, etc. If you have spyware on your machine or device, whatever you change your password to will be recaptured and used by bad actors.


Two-step verification does secure your account as long as your email and mobile number aren't compromised as well, and does not prompt you every time if you select the "remember" checkbox.


If you're still getting compromised, there's a chance that in the data breach, your PII (personally identifiable information) eg social security number, date of birth, etc have all been compromised and are used to take over your account despite the steps you've taken. In those instances, please visit and reach out to our Customer Security Assurance team


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