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Sat, Jun 19, 2021 7:21 PM

2FA phone text code always prompted after checking the box to remember me

This has never worked once since it's been implemented. Whenever I have to log in, I get prompted to send the code to my phone, and checking the box to remember me (so as not to prompt me every time) doesn't stop it. It's always required.

Why's the option even there if it doesn't work?

It's so frustrating. Sometimes I don't have my phone around me and I have to run and get it. Considering Xfinity logs me out like every 30 minutes (even when I tell it to keep me logged in), it's happens often and every time I have to log in.

Please thumbs-up or like this post or reply "Me too!" if it happens to you.

I'm using Firefox on Windows, latest versions, they auto-update.


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1 m ago

Hi, @codelirious. Thanks for reaching out about your authentication issue. There are a few things you can check to see if there is something preventing it from saving. 


Check cache and cookie clear setting or "every time I close browser" . - Make sure it is off. 


Private Window mode won't remember anything, make sure that is not being used.


If the browser has high privacy settings it may block it.


Using a VPN will prevent it as well.


Can you try another browser for the same issue?

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