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Thu, Feb 13, 2020 1:00 PM

On Demand and Caller ID not working, No IP Address on 3 Cable Boxes!

This past Saturday all of our service was down for about 6 hours for a scheduled maintenance. After that I noticed that Video On Demand and On Screen Caller ID was no longer working. When I look at the Interactive Service Settings, it should show an IP Address, but now is all 0000.

I have reset all 3 of our boxes a few times, and called into tech support. They said they could not connect to the boxes to send a refresh signal, so set a Tech to come out next week.

I doubt this Tech would find any problem with my equipment, since I've never had any VOD or Interactive issues as I've had the DCX boxes for 10 year. But now since the scheduled service 5 days ago, the VOD, Caller ID and Interactive Services aren't connecting.

These are the error codes:




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