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Mon, Mar 29, 2021 7:20 PM

AnyRoom DVR not working on DCX3400M since last year

I've been using a Motorla DCX3400M (with 2TB drive attached eSATA) in the living room, and two DCX3200M boxes in the bedrooms since 2008. I've always had the AnyRoom DVR feature. But last year it stopped working. I called, and had a tech come out, he wouldn't even touch it says "I can't do anything if it's not an X1 box" and told be to call support again. They said they couldn't get the AnyRoom DVR "Codes" to activate back on my account, but said it should eventually get fixed. Well it's been a year now, and still the AnyRoom DVR doesn't work. I just did a chat with Xfinity Support, and naturally they want me to turn in my old boxes, lose all my recordings, just to get X1. All I want is the AnyRoom DVR feature to work again.


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