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ANSWERED: What is Xfinity WiFi OnDemand and how to use it

Xfinity WiFi on Demand (XWOD) passes enable non-Xfinity Internet subscribers or current Xfinity Internet subscribers who are not eligible for Xfinity WiFi on Demand to trial or buy access to the Comcast-operated Xfinity WiFi hotspot network for varying periods of time, ranging from an hour to a month, using the open xfinitywifi SSID. (Currently, XWOD users are not allowed to access the secure Xfinity SSID.)


**Note**: Xfinity Internet subscribers with 25 Mbps or faster tiers of service have Xfinity WiFi access already included in their subscriptions, and do not need to activate/purchase XWOD passes.







Self-Service Portal for Xfinity WiFi On Demand 

Users can manage their accounts online through the XFINITY WiFi On Demand Self-Service Portal. The Self-Service Portal provides the following:

  • Account summary
  • Prior purchases and charges
  • Usage history
  • Access to view or edit contact and billing information and refund requests



Equipment Requirements

Please see XFINITY WiFi and XFINITY WiFi Hotspots app Overview for information on equipment requirements for XFINITY WiFi On Demand.




  • Non-XFINITY Internet subscribers
  • XFINITY Internet customers who do not qualify for XFINITY WiFi access as part of their service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xfinity On Demand?

Xfinity WiFi On Demand provides access to millions of Xfinity hotspots across the United States for varying periods of time, anywhere from 1 hour to 30 days. Users can also get free trial access to the network each month (every 30 days).


Access to the WiFi On Demand experience requires the creation of an Xfinity account, if you do not already have one.


How can I purchase a WiFi pass?

Passes can be purchased via credit card or debit card by connecting to an XFINITY WiFi hotspot. Visit our Map for a list of hotspots, or simply look for “xfinitywifi” in your list of available networks. Passes cannot be purchased by calling customer service.


You will also need a WiFi-enabled device with a browser. On Android devices we recommend using a full browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox to complete your transaction. You may need to manually launch the full browser to navigate to the sign-in screen. Supported device types and OS are available in our Guides.


Select retail locations nationwide may also sell Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift cards that can be used to purchase Week passes. Simply select the “Have a Xfinity WiFi gift card or a promo code?” link to enter the card details to activate the pass.


Where can I use my WiFi pass?

Passes may be used at any of the millions of XFINITY WiFi hotspots. You can find a listing of XFINITY WiFi hotspots on our Map.Passes are valid only on hotspots with the network name “xfinitywifi”. They are not available by connecting to the “XFINITY” network name. You can find the network name by clicking on a hotspot on the map or in the list of results.


How many devices can I use my pass on?

A pass is valid only on the device it is purchased on.


Can I move my pass to another device?

No. A pass is valid only on the device it is purchased on.


Can I carry over any unused time?

No, the pass is activated at time of purchase and expires based on the duration indicated. For example:

  • One hour pass – valid for 60 consecutive minutes from time of purchase
  • Two hour pass - valid for two consecutive hours from time of purchase
  • Day Pass - valid for 24 consecutive hours from time of purchase
  • Week Pass - valid for 7 consecutive days from time of purchase
  • 30 Day Pass - valid for 30 consecutive days from time of purchase


Can I use a pass on my gaming console or Amazon Fire TV stick? What devices do WiFi passes work with?

WiFi passes work best on iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X (Mac) devices with fully featured browsers  Some USB sticks and gaming consoles may not have full browsers.


How can I recover or change my WiFi On Demand username or password?

You can change both your username and password by visiting your WiFi On Demand account.


Who should I contact with WiFi On Demand questions?

24/7 telephone support is available from our customer service team. Call 1-866-489-0919.

You can also see your past pass purchases and manage auto-renew preferences by logging into your WiFi On Demand account.


I am a current Xfinity customer. Do I need a separate Xfinity WiFi On Demand account?

If you have XFINITY Internet service of Performance Tier or higher then XFINITY WiFi is included in your subscription* . Simply sign in to your XFINITY account when prompted at a hotspot or download the XFINITY WiFi app to sign in automatically next time you’re at a hotspot.


Otherwise, you can use your existing XFINITY username and password to log in to XFINITY WiFi, but you will need to select an access pass to get connected.


To access your WiFi On Demand activity please go to your WiFi On Demand account.


Have an existing XFINITY account but don’t have an XFINITY login? Create one here.


How do I turn on/off auto-renewals?

You can choose to renew select passes automatically at time of purchase. You can modify your renewal preferences by logging into your WiFi On Demand account. Auto-renewal is only available for weekly and 30-day passes at this time.


Where can I get a copy of my WiFi On Demand receipt(s)?

You can get a copy of your WiFi On Demand receipts by logging into your WiFi On Demand account.


What happens if I did not verify my email address?

When you create a WiFi On Demand account we ask you to validate your email address by responding to a validation email we send you. An email address that is not validated within 72 hours is removed from an account. To add or edit an email address go to your WiFi On Demand account.


What is the refund policy for passes?

If you purchased a pass and are unable to use it due to connectivity issues you may request a refund for the time you were unable to use by calling 1-866-489-0919. Note, the refund amount takes into account the price of shorter duration passes that could have been purchased instead. A user is limited to three refunds per month.


For example, if you buy a week pass and are only able to use 2 days, your refund would be the price you paid less the cost of 2 day passes:


$18.95 (week pass) - $15.90 (two day passes) = Total Refund of $3.05.


**Note prices are subject to change, the above example is for illustrative purposes only.**


Why don't I see data usage associated with all of my passes?

Data usage is only available for the previous 90 days.


My pass has not expired, and I an at a hotspot. However, I do not have Internet access. What should I do?

  1. Turn off WiFi on your device
  2. Wait 5 minutes and turn WiFi back on
  3. Reselect “xfinitywifi” from the list of available networks if your device does not automatically reconnect
  4. You should be able to browse the Internet successfully


I'm having trouble connecting to the network. What should I do? 

WiFi access passes rely on connectivity to nearby hotspots. Connectivity issues are typically due to not being close enough to a hotspot. In some cases, your device may see the hotspot but not be close enough to get a good connection. If that happens, you can try to change locations until you receive a strong signal.


How do I prevent my device from connecting to an Xfinity WiFi hotspot?

Different devices and operating systems use different logic to determine which hotspots to connect to.  If you do not want your device to connect to XFINITY WiFi go into your WiFi settings and remove it from the saved networks (select “forget this network” or other similar option).


What Terms and Conditions apply to pay per use WiFi On Demand passes?



Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Access to Xfinity WiFi hotspots included with Xfinity Performance Internet and above. Limited access available to Performance Starter through 40 1 hour passes every 30 days.


An Xfinity WiFi On Demand Pass provides access to the Xfinity WiFi network for a limited time period, depending on which Pass is purchased. Xfinity Passes provide access to Xfinity WiFi for a fixed period of time which begins at the time of pass activation. For example, if you purchase and immediately activate a Two Hour Pass at 3:00 p.m. it will expire at 5:00 p.m. on the same day, regardless of how much time is spent using it. Unused time does not carryover.


An Xfinity WiFi On Demand Pass can only be used on the device (smart phone, laptop, etc.) on which the pass was activated. A maximum of up to 20 devices may be registered to a single Xfinity WiFi On Demand account. Purchases will appear on your credit card statement as Xfinity WiFi.


An XFINITY WiFi On Demand Pass can only be used on Comcast owned and operated hotspots. Passes cannot be purchased or used on other companies' hotspots including those that offer Xfinity WiFi access. Some Xfinity WiFi hotspots offer complimentary access where you will not need an Access Pass.


Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Availability and locations of hotspots are subject to change. Requires compatible WiFi-enabled device. Hotspots available in select locations only. May not be combined with other offers. No partial redemptions. Not redeemable for cash, except to the extent required by applicable law. Pricing, services, and offer subject to change. Subject to the Xfinity Web Services Terms of Service. For help or more information, call 1-866-489-0919 or visit"


Gift Card Terms


Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift card is only redeemable for one Xfinity WiFi On Demand Pass, which entitles you to access Xfinity hotspots for a fixed period of time (depending on which Pass is purchased) beginning when you redeem the card. There are no carryovers. To redeem the Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift card in order to activate the applicable Xfinity WiFi On Demand Pass, connect to an Xfinity hotspot and follow the on-screen prompts to enter the required information from the back of the card (e.g., 16-digit card number, valid thru date, etc.). This is a single-use card such that the entire face value of the Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift card will be deducted upon redemption. No partial redemption is permitted. Your use of the Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.


The Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift card is not reloadable and cannot be resold or redeemed for cash, except to the extent required by applicable law. Xfinity is not responsible for any Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift cards that are lost, stolen, destroyed or used without your permission. The funds on the Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift cards do not expire and are not subject to dormancy, inactivity or maintenance fees. If the valid through date on your card has passed, please call the customer service number (below) for a new card. Please note that there may be a delay from the time you purchase the Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift card and the funds on the card being available for redemption. For balance inquiries or any other customer service questions or concerns regarding the Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift card, please call 1-866-294-6806.


Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift cards are issued by MetaBank ®, Member FDIC. Your use of the Xfinity WiFi On Demand Pass and related Xfinity services is subject to the Xfinity Wifi On Demand Pay Per Use Pass Pricing & Other Information (set forth above)and the Xfinity Web Services Terms of Service.


Xfinity may suspend or terminate your right to use the Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift card, with or without cause, or otherwise modify any of the terms and conditions governing use of the Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift cards at any time, with or without notice, subject to applicable laws. The most current version of the Xfinity WiFi On Demand gift card terms will be available on this site and will supersede all prior versions of these terms.



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