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Thu, Jan 23, 2020 9:00 PM

Re: No Dial Tone on Phones

I called tech out and I had to go to work so I left it for my brother to deal brother told me that phone linr had been chewed through so I'm thinking the dog or something had something to do with it.i bought another phone and line and still no dail town. And it seems like alot of people are having this problem since Jan 15th .so its something they are either not fully aware of.or that they lie to us about and make it seem like its a problem on our end



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1 y ago

It’s pretty unlikely that on a certain date, that every dog chewed through phone lines, makes no sense. Did you ask your brother if the tech fixed it or not? A new phone and cord obviously wasn’t the fix if it was a dog, the tech probably meant it was cheeed in a different spot. Have another tech out or plug your phone right into the modem

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