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Thu, Feb 4, 2021 4:00 PM

New purchase Comcast compatible modem, internet works but voice does not.

I purchased an Arris SVG2482AC cable modem with WiFi and Voice over a week ago.  I had Comcast activate the modem then and was able to use the internet but the voice service did not work.  The Tel1 led does not light nor do I have a dial tone.  I replaced a rented cable modem from Comcast and everything worked at that time.  This new modem is on the Xfinity website as a compatible modem.  Last Friday Jan 29 my call was escalated to second level support and they said they would call me.  When they did not call by Monday I called again and was told they would call me.  I was given the case number CR94915869.  When they did not call by Wednesday I called again and again was told they would call me.  This time they gave me case number CR949156859.  This is not good support.  I have been without phone service for over a week.  How can I get this escalated a again?  Do I need to contact the CEO of Comcast to get someone to fix this problem?


Very disappointed Fred


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2 m ago

I went to our local Xfinity store to return my rented cable modem and complained to the manager about this issue was taking so long to resolve (around 3 weeks).  He setup a call to have a technician come out.  They came the next day and were able to get my phone working. 


They replaced all my cable splitters, put a filter on the line, and reactivated the modem.  This time it worked.  I don't believe replacing the splitters fixed the problem.  I don't know if a technician that comes to the house has a special way of reactivating the modem or it just takes 20+ times to reactivate it.  It should have activated the first time. 


But I am happy now that everything is working!  😀

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3 m ago

I have the same Modem. Bought about 3 weeks ago to upgrade to voice. Home phone was working fine until yesterday. Tel1 light not on, called Xfinity three times today. Got nowhere. MAC addresses are correct. They pointed me to the manufacturer. Something is up. The Tel1 light blinks when the Modem restarts but then does not come back on. TV and Internet work fine. Ironically, the phones connected say "no home line" where before they were ok. Not sure what's going on.


Keep me posted on what you come up with!



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1 m ago

G93 - i have same modem 3. 5yrs old.  Never had phone issue but have current issue with 2.4ghz, 5 ghz lights blinking  when modem is in bridge mode.  Started after Xfinity sent update(provisioning) to the modem and has been service hell from their support to get them to fix it. My point/my guess is they sent update and it may have screwed up the telephony part of the modem.  Of course they will point to MFG but Xfinity is one to update your modem frequently  with their updates to make sure all is well (LOL).  

ArticleBTW: here is note from ARRIS site mentioning it is cable operator (XFINITITY) who updates your modem:


Can I upgrade the firmware on cable modems & gateways?
The Cable Operators (MSOs) have complete control of what cable modem/gateway hardware they will allow installed and the firmware it uses, on their cable plant.  This means anything directly connected to the cable plant (COAX) in your house.  They do this to ensure that nothing happens to anyone upstream from your connections.  Cable Operators follow the DOCSIS Specifications that control this methodology of firmware upgrades as well as providing security for the firmware upgrades.  

Cable Operators also run both the products and firmware through their own test cycles to approve any manufacturers’ modems, wireless gateways, and the associated firmware updates for deployment.  This is not an ARRIS only implementation, but the required implementation of any cable device manufacturer.  After an MSO has tested and approved a new version of firmware for a cable device, they will then “push” that new firmware out to the devices. 


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