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Sun, May 9, 2021 3:11 PM

Have to buy a smartphone and plan to receive text messages - need advice

I have been an Xfinity voice customer since they convinced me to subscribe to their bundled phone/internet/cable service in 2002. At the time of installation their workman told me he cut my old landline to US West to make reception better.  Since phone service went out whenever the internet did, I was forced to buy a cheap cell phone plan in case of 911 emergency because the internet was going down so often and I could not get my landline reconnected. Comcast is the only company that can provide cable internet at my address.  Wave keeps sending me flyers saying it is available but it isn't. The Office of the Cable Commissioner in Seattle says they can't control where internet is offered in Seattle or who chooses to offer it.  This would not be a big deal if I did not NEED to use the internet, but now it's become an essential to daily life.  Meanwhile, as a customer "hostage" to Xfinity because of my address, it has raised its rates every year in spite of terrible, frequently faulty service with questionable billing charges and I now pay $182.50/month to connect 2 analog TVs to awful limited basic cable programming, 1 wired desktop pc and their Voip phone service which is incapable of receiving text messages.  They have not replaced the router-modem they installed that I rent because they told me the one I used to own was causing all the problems I had connecting ...back in 2005? and had to replace with theirs. I do not have any Wi-Fi capable devices.  Since I am already paying for 5g and 2.5ghz internet, does that mean I just have to buy a compatible unlocked smartphone to receive unlimited text, or do I have to buy a mobile phone plan, too and cancel my Comcast home phone? Is it cheaper to buy a phone through Comcast or to cancel Comcast phone and get phone service through another plan? I really only need a phone to receive unlimited text messages and barely any phone calls. Any advice on how to save while still getting basic phone and internet services would be appreciated. I am in my 50s and have not kept up with tech so many issues very confusing.


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Hello, @CS2010. Thank you for taking your time to reach out here on our forums for support on what options are availalbe for you. It's important that we get you on a plan that works best for your budget and your service needs. I can definitely look over costs of our services and compare which offer would be best for your monthly costs and needs. Please send us a chat message with your first and last name. The Peer to Peer chat icon is located at the top right of the Community Forum page, clicking on the chat icon will allow you to initiate a chat conversation with us directly. Please ensure you are sending your message to our 'Xfinity Support' handle. 

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