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Fri, Sep 24, 2021 5:55 AM


Volume fluctuations using Flex

Using Flex, especially on Peacock Premium, I get occasional volume fluctuations from barely audible to fairly loud that I do not get when streaming from my computer to the TV (on a different HDMI cable). Xfinity support tried re-setting the connection, but I don't think that did the trick.  I may have found the answer myself and am posting this so others might try my solution.  On my Samsung TV, I had previously set the audio to Movie mode as I had set the picture to Movie mode also.  I suspect this enables a Tru-Sound HD audio format that conflicts with the sound signals from the Flex streaming box.  When I changed the audio mode (only) on my Samsung to Standard, the volume fluctuations disappeared.  Try that.



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1 y ago

I just changed to a new box and the sound quality is horrible.  I run everything through a high end Marantz receiver.  Sound was fine with the old box; changed dramatically with the new box.  I spent the past few days experimenting with all the settings on the receiver.  Nothing works.  The sound quality is bad no matter what settings I use and the volume fluctuates minute to minute.  Seems like this problem has been going on for a some time with no solutions.  While Comcast is quick to blame tvs and receivers, it is clear the problem is with the box.  Can I just get a new old style box until the problem is sorted?

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