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Fri, Sep 24, 2021 10:33 PM

Hulu My Stuff

How come the My Stuff page on hulu isn't updating?  My Stuff should show everything I've added and not shows I've removed. It is not doing that. It's working fine on my phone and if I just use the hulu app, but if I access it on flex, the screen is not properly updating. 



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21 d ago

Hi user_4b2929, thank you for creating a post. I am happy to help you with getting your app on the flex ox updated. Have you tried rebooting the box by unplugging it for 20-30 seconds? If not please perform this task now and let me us know if your app has not updated. 



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8 d ago

Just piling on - same issue. I have logged out & logged back in. Shows added or deleted do not update "My Stuff" in Xfinity Hulu app, though the changes are immediate everywhere else. Even if I add shows within the Xfinity Hulu interface itself, they do not add to my list there. I have logged out & back in again. App needs a "clear cache" function in the absence of a more direct solution.



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4 d ago

There is another longer thread about this same problem.  I've had it for months.  Hulu is perfect on my phone, online and on Roku but My Stuff does not work on the X1 cable box - and apparently on Flex too.  In the other thread - more than one Comcast employee said that this is a known issue that is being worked on by Hulu and Xfinity.  However, as I said - the problem had been going on for months.  I have gone through every troubleshooting step possible - and techs still say - try troubleshooting the problem - when it is KNOWN to be a problem on their end.  Very frustrating.

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