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Fri, Jan 1, 2021 12:00 PM

Secondary user removed...what about email address

I removed a secondary user from my account.


1)  How long until the secondary user's email address is "closed" and put back into the pool of available email addresses (user ids.)


2) What do I have to do to make sure the secondary user's email address gets released as soon as possible.


3) What will happen to email (nearly always junk) sent to the secondary user's email address until it's released/closed?







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When a user ID (that part of the email address to the left of the @ symbol) is changed or deleted, it is suspended for 90 days, and then released back into the pool of available IDs for any Comcast customer that wants to claim it.   During the 90 days, if you send an email to that address, it will actually go there--------you just can't get at it anymore through the webmail UI.  However, if you had the account enabled in a desktop client like Thunderbird or Mac Mail, etc, you could still use the account from there.


In theory, after the 90 days is up the account should no longer work.  But as a test, back in June I created a secondary account and used it for a week or two, left some emails in it, and then deleted it.  BUT-----I had enabled the account in both Mac Mail and Thunderbird.  I can still use the account from either one with no problems, presumably because no one else has claimed it.  The account was deleted July 2nd and it's still working right now.  But when I try to sign into it the usual way in the webmail I get an error message.  Also, I have not tried to set it back up again as a secondary, so I'm not sure if I can or if I would get a message telling me it's already in use.

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